Conceivably Asked Questions

Check out these answers to questions that are asked conceivably. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, hit me up! I have more answers in the back and I’d be happy to check for the one you’re looking for.


You can see samples in our gallery. Of course, if we do a session with you, the photos would be of you and not of those people.


We shoot at my home studio in Glendale. Don’t worry. You won’t be tripping over futons or hampers full of dirty laundry. All the photography happens downstairs in a comfortable and well-controlled environment.

Also, I have a turntable and an ever-growing collection of records. So, be ready to jam while we work. If you have vinyl that you dig, bring it and we’ll chuck it on. Also, I’m happy to digitize your records while you’re here if you like. There’s not charge for that unless your music is awful.


A headshot is more than picture of your face. We’re collaborating on a communication tool that will help managers, agents, directors and casting teams know who you are. You’re more than just a pretty face and we want to communicate your warmth, creativity and energy.

While I’m terrifically happy to deliver an industry-standard headshot, I’m also here to collaborate with you on more expressive portraits. The best way to get what we want as a team is open communication from the get-go. If you have influences or ideas you want to try, don’t be shy! I’m here to help realize your vision.

As a friendly reminder, we focus on waist-up headshots. While we hope to expand our services in the future, we are trying to stay competitive by limiting the types of portraits we do in-studio. If you’re looking for something more full-bodied, we can help you booking up a larger studio space for our shoot. LA is full of great, affordable locations. In fact, we’ve already started collecting lists of those sites.


Select your looks. I’m happy to work with you as you choose outfits that reflect your personality and energy. Your outfits should be professional, cleaned, pressed and ready to look great when you arrive. I have a steamer and lint rollers, but there’s only so much we can do once you land.

Some people look great in muted colors. Some people look great in shirts that exploded out of Rocko’s Modern Life. Whichever people you are, we’ll work together to get your outfits sorted with plenty of time to spare. (I’ve been told that Rocko’s Modern Life might not be a cultural touchstone for everyone… Here’s a link.)

Of course, looks are more than an outfit and a face. Looks are also made up of the lighting and the background. While you’re prepping your outfits, I’ll be getting the studio sorted for your arrival with the proper gear and backdrops to make your photos really pop.

While most of our backdrops are subtle in color and texture, I do have one glitter-bomb prom backdrop and I am always always happy to bust that out.

Feel free to send us shots you’ve found that inspire you or you think we should try to emulate. We’re happy to use them as a guide as long as you promise to keep an open mind on set as we create something new and uniquely you.


You’ve got your outfits and variants pulled. We’ve got our batteries charged and cards cleared. It’s (almost) time to party. Before we get to snapping, we need to talk about makeup.

We provide a HMU artist with all shoots. Of course, if you have an HMU artist that you prefer to work with, just add Coupon Code CORKING at checkout for a $50 discount on any headshot package.

Finally, please eat a solid meal before you arrive (and I will do the same). While we maintain serious snacks and more varieties of tea than you could drink in a single session, nothing beats a meal. You want to be focused on the looks, not on the whether or not your blood sugar is plummeting or there’s some power bar in your teeth.


Once the shoot is completed, we’ll go through our shots and choose the best ones. We can do this on-set or I can send you a collection of low-res JPGs for you to review and pull from. Once the decision is made, I ask for 5 business days to finish the photos and send them your way. If you need same-day turnaround, I’m happy to work with you on that. Just let me know beforehand so we can adjust the price and I can make sure my schedule is clear.


Life happens. Schedules change. Things come up. Appointments are missed. Then, we keep on moving forward.

Some people might blanche at the idea of a home studio. The wise among us know the truth - home studios allow for incredible flexibility regarding workflow and accommodating cancellations. If there’s a cancellation, I’ll just be working on other stuff (client work, laundry, playing Super Mario Odyssey… whatever I like because I’m already home!). I’m only happy to pass that luxury onto you.

Rescheduling is free, as long as you’re respectful of my schedule. I can’t cancel plans to plan with someone who just canceled. But, as soon we can find a block in both of our schedules, we’ll tee it up.

Cancelations are a bit more complicated. If you cancel more than 10 days before your shoot, you’ll get a full refund. If you cancel 10 days or fewer before your shoot, there’s no refund. So, let’s reschedule!


I’m so happy you asked. I love talking data management. We keep redundant copies of all core files (raw photos, in-camera JPGs and XML edit files) for 1 year. After that period, we consolidate the files to 1 hard drive and keep that in a cool, dry place. As long as we can boot that drive, we can do re-open the project if necessary. If you want us to keep redundant copies of core files for more than one year, we offer that service and will discuss prices directly with you.

We keep many more copies of the finished photo(s). We keep copies on our internal hard-drive, on an external hard-drive and also on our cloud servers. This means that a meteor would need to strike where I’m working, where our mirror drives are and all of DropBox’s server farms around the world simultaneously for your data to be lost. If this happens, we will have much graver concerns than the where-abouts of your headshots.

Short answer - if you lose your photos or need revisions done in the future, we’ve got you covered.


I would love to answer that, but I can’t guarantee that what’s in the cupboard today will be there tomorrow (which reminds me that I have to get more rooibos). It’s best to play it safe and tell me what kind of tea you love and I’ll be sure to have it when you land.


I’d love to answer it! To ask, click on through to our contact form!